EMD Systems Software is a world-class customer focused solution provider with the aim to be the leader in the small and medium enterprise segment with global reach. We deliver technology enabled software automation solutions for various businesses with a prime focus on healthcare industry. Our solutions are delivered in accordance with timeframes and are of high quality that allows the clients to quickly see the benefits and take advantage of emerging opportunities.


We specialize in both web and non-web based solutions. We firmly believe in increasing business efficiency by providing solutions to suit customer's every need and we have a proven track record in our expertise in encompassing high quality solutions and providing continuous support to our clients.


Software Solutions for workflow Problems

Historically, EMD has developed applications that address the inefficiencies of labor intensive and often complex workflows within the healthcare industry. Our applications are developed by addressing workflow efficiency and focusing on application usability by the end users. By understanding the real world needs of the end user, EMD has successfully developed products that are intuitive, readily accepted by the end users, easy to deploy.


Competitive Advantages


With smart team work and partnerships we deliver cost competitive results with measurable impacts through excellence in delivery and expertise in software and project management

High agility, low inertia and flat hierarchy lead to efficient project completion

Our products and solutions are highly scalable and customizable to meet every need

We bring into play our expertise and strong industry understanding, particularly in Healthcare

Our team has a rich and diverse background and bring their varied experience to every project they work on

Compliance to technology standards, basic business tenets and Governmental rules & regulations are always on top of the agenda of team EMD


The Facility

EMD operates a well recognized IT hub in the heart of Chennai city. It has world class infrastructure that includes high speed network connectivity, branded systems, biometric access controls, in an employee-friendly environment.